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HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE 3 The Battle for the Language of the Bible doc series news press releases

Proof Electrons have a charge out of no charge...

‪”The thought (speculative) process of the third dimension to Diety chain of command, 2018”

Spec 1D (Zero)‬

‪Spec 2D (1-9)‬

‪Spec 3D (0-9, 10_ etc.)‬

‪Spec 4D ((network of 3D)(I:crea-0-9)(Diety Choice))‬

‪Spec 5D(#religion to 4D for 3D)(Net. of I)‬

‪The thought process must be revisited with English at a different metaphysics since Isaac Newton(Physics, Spec2D_).‬

"Isaac Newton debunked in connection to Metaphysics"

Foundation of The Royal Society (Ascendant to Masonry 1760)

Metaphysics of Language is noted based on the previous videos.