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"Jr. Greek Life, Greek Life, and College Life of Events"

I am writing the email for the purpose of stigma awareness. My name is Kalon A. Lundy Kenny and I am a former college student from S.U.N.Y. College at Buffalo. During my time at Buffalo State I became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated (the fraternity that sponsored my Sigma Beta Club membership process and initiation March 24, 2006) during the Fall of 2008. 

These chains of events lead to a alumni member of The Sigma Beta Club Kevin J. Davis II (initiated Fall 2003) to orchestrating an attempt to recruit me into his membership within the Gangster Disciple organization during the Summer of 2010, The event resulted with genetic induced Schizophrenia and Kevin explaining to me to " tell Brown, Dracey, and Jermaine that he remembers the strokes" with a gloated understanding after he stated “I was born G.D. and I’ll die G.D.“ (2017).

The main people involved of our Old School Beta network were Travis Holmes (Driver), Darnell Davis (Kevin Brother & stated by Kevin to be G.D., sat in Passenger seat), Kevin J. Davis II (We shared the same line number 3 during my tenure in the Sigma Beta Club, Passenger Rear). The people that I knew at the Gymnasium near Kerns Bowling Alley in 2010 was Johnation (nickname J.D., was stated by Darnell to have the keys to the Gym being an employee), and an unknown man who left with us in the car after my Powerade was spiked and I didn't walk back in the Gym with the lights off. The Unknown man sat in the middle between me and Kevin they were trying to figure out where to go, Kevin confirmed years later he was in the car and he won't tell me his name, I do know the man had the Star of David on his left arm and he was prison like muscular. 

I have a witness who was the first person I called after I knew my life was in danger. He is also an Alumni Member of the Sigma Beta Club and was apart of a network at the time with me and Travis after we confirmed we were going to introduce ourselves to the first degree of International Masonry. Me and Avante Jones have conveyed these events may have been caused by Travis speaking of our group conversation to Kevin which lead to Kevin using my remainder Summer from College to recruit me into his gang.

In 2018, I have explained both my successful semester with a Fall 2014 bill and my unsuccessful Fall 2016 crammed semester to S.U.N.Y. Buffalo State and will be setting up a meeting with Dr. Gordon, Vice President of Student Affairs. I am seeking your assistance of stigma awareness and the associated effects when people omit true proof that Kevin's victim in 2010 by gunfire could have been prevented.


December 2018 Update:

I'M BACK SOON, Thank you to all that read the previous upload.